Sunday, 18 October 2009

An Abecedarian of BEST members: UVWXYZ

Today we will complete our Abecedarian with the tail end of the Alphabet!

Beth of UberArt is currently focused on creating guest books for weddings and special events. Here is her Twilight Meadow Journal Guest Book:

Kate of uniformity believes the constrictions of using what's around you results in the best artwork, and as a result likes to make her work from as much found material as possible. Here she has used a promotional postcard for this Baltimore CAP colorful city rounded edges notebook:

Cindy of UsefulBooks has an unusual process of creating unique covers, layering tyvek and kraft paper to create a strong, flexible and water-resistant material, as seen in her Leonardo's Giant Crossbow Sketch Upcycled Journal:

Jen of veronicapress combines handmade paper, letterpress, screenprint, etching, and drawing in her work. Deer wood book:

Whimseys uses machine embroidery and stitching to created unique covers for paperback books: RED HAT SOCIETY:

Niko of WhiteRavenArts includes artist's books from White Raven Bindery, printmaking and photography, and White Raven Press comics in her shop. Her artist’s book Aeryn Daring Lives Up To Her Name Handbound Handprinted Lithograph Book includes hand printed lithographic prints:

Windowseatbooks has experience with bookbinding, printmaking, photography, drawing, painting, and digital media. Her Large Speckled Blueberry Eco Journal is made with unique thick Recycled Paper Panels from another Etsy seller GreenPost:

Wendy of windyweatherbindery pairs traditional methods with a contemporary design aesthetic. Here is her Small Hardcover Book - Red and Green Parasols:

Meredeth of yatsu (notuboc) has been printing her own lined paper for her lined journals: pink stitches, lined journal:

Zibboon began her bookmaking career after a class in Italy. Arcaico - Polka Dotted Journal:

Thank you for sharing this journey through the alphabet with me as we met all the members of the Bookbinding Etsy Street Team. I know some shops have been missed, for reasons of vacation, shop inactivity, or joining BEST after their letter was featured. If you are a member of BEST and have not yet been featured in the Abecedarian series here, please convo me through my etsy shop before November 1. I plan on doing one more “catch up” post to include those who have been missed.


Rhonda Miller said...

That was fun, thanks Laura!

eb said...


You stole my very words.

Laura, this is a great series. Thanks for the work that went into this. Looking forward to the grand finale.

Kendra Zvonik said...

Beautiful Books!
I'm thrilled to have Window Seat Books making books from my eco art panels from Green Post! She does such beautiful & precise work. We have a special collaboration and I hope we get to work together for a long time to come.
Thanks for inviting me to your blog :)

Debbie Covart said...

Seeing all these lovely handmade books makes me wish I had more time to expand my book making repituar!