Sunday, 8 November 2009

An Abecedarian of BEST members: the catch up post!

Today we will complete our Abecedarian series with an introduction to members who were missed when their letter came up in previous posts in the series.

In an effort to try to find out how everything is done Debbie of ALineofHerOwn is trying to learn something about everything, including book making. I think it’s working. Beaded Spine Leather Journal or Sketchbook:

Deanna of BadonHill notes her designs strive to echo the style and culture of Arthur’s era as well as the rest of the middle ages. Chaucer's Little Proverb - Mini Brown Leather Journal/Sketchbook:

Beth of BethR99 notes that computers will crash, be hacked into, printers will run out of ink, but no one can touch your journal! Firefly Notebook / journal:

Monica at BoomBoxBindery loves working with her hands and finds bookbinding offers the perfect balance of her favourite tactile things. She gets to work with paper, cloth, leather, board, thread & needle, gold leaf, graphite, the list goes on and on! Red and Mustard Geometric Book Pendant:

Hilke at buechertiger loves to experiment with paper, colours and bindings and tries to give a modern and clever turn to traditional styles. Medieval Style Leather Journal with Fleece Lining and Spine Stitching:

Lisa of CinderLisaDesign is a Young Adult writer passing the downtime by making journals and notebooks. White on Red Button Journal:

Surfbunny is bravely exploring the world outside of his warren. Look at this a clever toggle clasp on this Dearest Nearest to Your Head and Heart - mini journal necklace:


buechertiger said...

Thank you for the introduction.

It was a pleasure to read through all of my fellow member introductions during the last year - what a diverse team we are!

Antico Valore said...

oh, there is also my shop ;-)


CinderLisa said...

Thanks so much for doing the abecedarian! I've been enjoying these posts so much! :)

Debbie Covart said...

Yay! We've got quite the creative group here and I'm happy to be among you all!

Monica Holtsclaw said...

Thanks so much for including me in this series. It was great to find out who was next in the alphabet throughout the year!