Sunday, 22 November 2009

Thankful Books

This post is coinciding with the American Thanksgiving holiday this week, although all around the world we are thankful for many blessings in our lives.

If you need a special book to remember your blessings, elvie studio has just the right one: Count Your Blessings journal:

Is there someone special you are especially grateful for? Consider a personalized journal from AlternativeJournals: Your name personalized journal:

What words do you want others to remember you by? Mylanderbooks has this Words to live by journal:

Are you celebrating a special event for which you are thankful? PurplebeanBindery has this brilliant Asian Garden Party Accordion Guestbook with removable pages so guests can easily record their thoughts:

And finally, are you thankful for enough food on the table? Here is Anticovalore's The slow food little journal:


lori vliegen said...

great post, laura.....and thank you SO much for featuring my blessings journal!! :)))

buechertiger said...

A nice selection of journals!

Thanks, Laura!

KarleighJae said...

I think writing our blessings down is the best journaling venture we could ever do :) Love the selections.

~Karleigh Jae

Antico Valore said...

wonderful post, thanks ;-)

Debbie Covart said...

Wow they all look so great!

purplebean said...

great idea! thanks for including me!