Sunday, 17 January 2010

Bookmaking Kits and Tutorials Part 2

We began this series last week with kits and tutorials on simple folded books. Today we'll progress to slightly more complex structures.

Lizzie, of LizzieMade has a tutorial on her blog on making a Concertina Mini Scrap Album. Here are Part One and Part Two.

If you are interested in learning some inventive folded book structures designed by Hedi Kyle, check out the shops of marcadeartspress and greenchairpress

Marcadeartspress has a tutorial and printable cover design for sale to make a Blizzard Book:

Greenchairpress has a kit for sale with instructions and materials to make both a Blizzard book and a Crown binding book:

These structures look like a lot of fun! It's time to get out the bonefolder and paper!

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