Sunday, 3 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Wishing all of our readers and members a wonderful New Year filled with many books (of course!) and blessings too bountiful to count!

Here are a few beautiful books to help you ponder the New Year:

This Book of Good Thoughts by GILDBookbinders could help you remember all the positive things in your life:

This Lucky Diary by Baghy is just the right place to record the most important story, your story:

To add a little whimsy as you record your thoughts, here is palepink's Recycled bike inner tube journal, using a skittle wrapper under the machine embroidery:

As you mark time, consider Swirling Tree's Red and Green Clock Journal:

Perhaps travel is part of your plan for 2010. Here is janettemaher's Leather travel journal indigo blue cruise:

What will you be filling your pages with this year?


Katy said...

I started a new journal on New Years Day. I had happened to fill my last one just days before the new year and it was a big cluttered mess of notes, thoughts, sketches, to-do lists, and projects. It is such a wonderful feeling to start writing in a new book, much like starting a new year. Ahhhh. I hope this feeling of being organized lasts at least a few more days!

Baghy said...

This year I plan to finally keep a flawless journal for myself - I have a lot of handmade notebooks for different uses but they are all leftovers from the quality control I make in order to upload only good journals in my shop. So this year I want to indulge myself and keep the best one for me :)