Monday, 15 March 2010

Book Swap #10 - CinderLisaDesign

Lisa, known on Etsy as CinderLisaDesign, shared this book in our recent swap.

Lisa says this is "a quilted backwards/forwards envelope journal, with mixed blank papers of varying thicknesses in shades of tan, pink, and a little bit of blue. There are 288 pages. I call it the Flower Burst. The cover is felted wool covered with designer fabric in a fun pink and red flower motif, and lined with a simple cotton print that echoes the geometric circles from the outer fabric. I machine quilted some haphazard lines through the cover in intersecting lines, then sewed my edges in and longstitched the book together with DMC floss. The cover is cut a little long for the backwards/forwards envelope look, and wraps around the spine. I like making these books because they kind of remind me of little handbags—except they're full of pages!"

Check out CinderLisaDesign to see Lisa's work on Etsy.

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Parkside Harmony said...

I LOVE that book! What a great idea to quilt the covers. So pretty!!

KarleighJae said...

I love all those designs together! Way to go on being a bit daring. I love this!

Antico Valore said...

arrived today! Wonderfu, i love it!

CinderLisa said...

Erica - Thanks so much!

Karleigh - Yay, I'm glad you like the designs - that's something I love to do.

Simona - I'm so glad you like it!