Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Book Swap #10 - SilveryMoonbeams

The next swap book is from Sierra, of SilveryMoonbeams.

Sierra made a leather wrap-around journal with a longstitch binding, and customized it for her swap partner. She selected a tree of knowledge design for the front cover an added a Silvery Moon. She also gave the tree lots of roots to plant both of their energies for good karma. The design is embroidered with metallic threads in a mixture of gold and silver. She also wrote a book blessing for the new owner, and included a silver bookmark with a tiny moon faced clock

Visit SilveryMoonbeams on Etsy to see more of Sierra's work.

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The.Paper.Chimera said...

I love this journal! The embroidery is beautiful - Sierra, how long did it take?

Jennifer Borges Foster said...


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