Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Collaborative Book Arts Project

So I've had to take a break from Tuesday posts because I'm swamped with preparing massive amounts of books for a Festival this weekend. BUT, I thought I'd take a break from that and give everyone a glimpse at the Collaborative Book Arts Project that members of BEST have been working on.

There are about 20 participants and each participant was asked to create a page for a book based on the book's theme. There are four books that will be bound and sent to a gallery for display and purchase. The theme of each book is a poem written by one of the members of BEST. Each group has 5 or 6 people in it and each person made a page for every member of the group as well as an extra for the gallery piece.

I'll be showing the pages of the books throughout the next month so you can see all the amazing creativeness that BEST members put out!

Today I'll spotlight 3 pages that were based on this poem:

by Jennifer Borges Foster
For you she builds a house of spices and sleigh beds,
of anise and armrests, of typewriters happily clacking
their teeth at the blowsy dawn. She builds boxes and ladders,
kneelers and coffins, stocks hardtack and swatches of cloth.
There is a history of horses and husbandry here,
a history of holiness and excess, of morning and mourning,
of days that never wake. For you she builds a body, a list
from hip to waist, a weight in breasts best set to anchor
the architecture of your mouth. On leaving she
lives in a biscuit, peeking through the gnawed-out windows
at the robins who dumbly clutter her roof.
She is vaulted and volleyed by the long-armed god
of her father; holed up and hoping you’ll come rob
the stockpile she’s been hoarding for years. Her letters to
you are written in steam, apparent only on nights
when the windows drift open. For you she builds a house
of hallways, one easy to wander when she is gone.


   Prints by Tim Fredrick

Mixed media pages by Kristi Oliver

Mixed Media Pages by Jennifer Borges Foster

"Each signature is slightly different -scraps of fabric were sewn on to cotton paper, then I cut out a bird shape on the cover. Each bird has handwritten pages from an old (1898) botany book or fragments from an equally old map. Inside the signature there is a hand-printed erasure of my original poem Husbandry.


Useful Books said...

Those are so amazingly creative! And I love that poem. What a talented group!

Stephen Lott said...

Fantastic; I am sorry that I couldn't be a part of this project. But, it sure is inspiring to see the work of others. Thanks for posting these.

palepink said...

Amazing prints and poets. Thank you for showing and I'm looking forward to see more.

Sierras Creations said...


Lovely creativity, poem is a winner and I cannot wait to get the entire packet to bind into a book.

I am so happy that I ventured into uncharted waters.

It was fun and look forward to more