Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Book Swap #11: KarleighJae

Karleigh Jae made this leafy coptic journal for this swap. Here's what she has to say about her contribution:
The book is about 4" x 6" and is a hardbound coptic stitch book. I used an Ethiopian coptic stitch with waxed brown linen thread. The paper on the cover is an embossed leaves paper that was bright white. I tea stained that paper, as well as the inside paper, which is Mohawk Superfine 80lb Smooth paper. The book is still completely archival as I buffered the acidic tea with sodium bicarbonate. (I have a blog post about that in the works!)
The button was from my sewing box (a lost button from a sweater) and I braided linen thread as the tie for the book. The thread shows through on the inside of the book to add to the handmade feel of it. The waxed thread was left long in the back as I like to curl it and give it extra design qualities of it's own.

It's a unique book but I plan on making some similar to it to add to my Etsy Shop and one for myself since I love it so much.

Karleigh has a large selection of books and supplies in her shop here:


minusplusminus said...

I love the embossed cover and tea stained pages! dreamy...

PrairiePeasant said...

Love the tea staining on both the cover and pages! I'll be interested to read Karleigh Jae's upcoming blog post on this.

Useful Books said...

Me too! Karleigh Jae is always teaching us new tricks. :)

B├╝chertiger said...

I am the lucky recipient of this truly wonderful book. Thank you so much! I was going to ask whether there were really leaves on the cover, under the covering paper, but your description answered this now for me.

The page decoration, the lovely cover, the color of the thread, the matching button, they all give such an organic look and feel to the book - I love all these shades of creamy browns.
And the book also has a very faint, pleasantly earthy smell to it, but I can't quite place it. From the look on the pages, I thought it was coffee stained, and already thought that the smell didn't fit with a coffee stained book. Now I read it is actually tea, but it doesn't smell like any tea I know; maybe it is the combination of the tea with the bicarbonate? Or maybe it is just the smell of your home that is still lingering between the pages? Whatever it is, it adds the last finishing touch to the book, and is matching the look perfectly.

I feel very lucky to have received this wonderful piece. Thank you!

Oh, and now I am also very curious to read more about your buffering process. I have used green teas and infusions for staining paper before, in the hope that this keeps it archival - is that true at all?