Saturday, 12 June 2010

Book Swap #11: RoundtheWorldin80Pgs

Here's what Beth from RoundtheWorldin80Pgs says about the book she submitted for the swap:
This book was bound with a coptic stitch using waxed linen thread. The size was inspired by the idea of those who collect ACEO art or smaller photographs (wallet size etc). I love albums with black pages, just the fact that the pages help the colours in the photos POP is wonderful to me. The cover paper is a floral paper with a colouring to it that gives it the feel of old paper. Once I took out the window in the cover, I really fell in love with this book. It allows either a peek to a title or to a photo etc. I really liked the small size of the book since it allows you to easily carry it with you where ever you go.

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Baghy said...

I received this lovely little album! It was a very nice surprise, and great craftsmanship! I brag with it to everyone I know. Thank you Beth for creating such a jewel and sending it to me :) Looove the little window!

PrairiePeasant said...

I love the window in the cover, just giving you a glimpse of what is coming inside. Nice work.

Handmade books and a Smakeral of Art said...

Wow, thanks! I just only saw this now for some reason. Such wonderful comments, makes a girl feel good! thanks again!