Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Book Swap #12: LinenLaidFelt

I made an Italian Longstitch book with a leather cover and recycled papers inside. The leather used for the cover comes from a pair of red suede pants I found in an Athens, Georgia, thrift store while I was in college at UGA. You can see some pictures of the pants on my blog. The red leather strap that holds the book shut was part of a zig-zag pattern on the pants. The colored papers used for the guards are from a Neenah paper swatch book of their recycled papers, and the interior papers are recycled as well. --LinenLaidFelt

Visit LinenLaidFelt here: www.linenlaidfelt.etsy.com


Surfbunny said...

Beautiful! I have looked in the coats section at the thrift store, but didn't think to look in pants! Thanx, Duane @ Surfbunny

Rhonda Miller said...

Nice job!
Leather skirts can be a good source of leather too.

PrairiePeasant said...

Beautiful! I bought a lime green suede shirt recently, and I hope I can make something half as nice as this with it!

linda said...

Oh, love the red of your book, it's super cute looking!