Monday, 6 September 2010

Book Swap #12: notuboc

there are two things that i never have a shortage of in my house: paper and candy boxes, so i thought i might as well combine them. the cover is all that remains of my first taste of Boston Baked Beans, and the guts are papers that almost didn't make it; they'd been sitting in my pile to be cut up and made into other, newer paper. for the binding, i decided to keep things simple and did an easy longstitich variation in bright red cotton pearle. i hope the new owner has fun scribbling all over these almost ex-pages. especially that one labeled "Graduation To Do Checklist." (^_^) --Notuboc

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PrairiePeasant said...

I might be tempted to buy a candy box called Boston Baked Beans! I think I will be receiving this book in the mail, and I'm looking forward to seeing it in person! Looks great!

Surfbunny said...

I had to explain to Canadian guests about American candies, what a hoot! I hadn't thought about Boston Baked Beans in about 40 years. Thanx, Duane @ Surfbunny

linda said...

Love how we can use packaging and it looks pretty cool in the end...great job!