Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Book Swap #12: Scorcha

I created a stab bound album for the book swap using the following materials I found around my house:
  • A New Holland "The Poet" beer carton (very tasty beer)
  • Green gift bag (previously used)
  • Light green lined paper (liberated from a old ledger)
  • green striped paper (part of a pack bought for another project)
  • velvet thread (supplies from another project)
  • metal eyelet (rattling around the bottom of a box)
  • tiny library pocket (made from cutter I've never used before)
The carton and striped paper were pasted together for the front and back covers, while the lined paper and gift bag formed the text block. I reinforced all of the holes with the tiny eyelets, and both the binding and closure are made of the velvet thread. A little note to the new owner is included in the tiny library pocket attached to the inside of the front cover. I was able to use some new techniques for this book, such as the corner caps and punching holes with a Dremel tool, and I really enjoyed looking for the materials to make it from. I've never made a recycled book before, but now I find myself thinking through possible book binding applications before throwing anything out. --Sarah
See Sarah's offerings for sale in her shop here: www.scorcha79.etsy.com


Rori Bell said...

That looks awesome! I love love love the colors.

Useful Books said...

Quoth the raven, "Pass the stout." I like that much better. And she got an awesome book to boot! Very nice.

Surfbunny said...

Great minds run together, or is that metaphors that then mix. My book was beer too! Thanx for sharing, Duane @ Surfbunny

PrairiePeasant said...

I'd buy that beer just for the box! Great book.

minus+minus said...

I got this book and love it! Love the little pocket inside! Such a great idea. Thank you.

linda said...

Very cool how you literally just pulled stuff around you and got it fit together so nicely!