Sunday, 12 September 2010

Book Swap #12: Surfbunny

Everyone knows you can't buy beer, you can only rent it. So I guess the corollary is that all beer is recyclable! The least recycled piece is probably the wonderful packaging used by some of the smaller brands. This book is made from a Blue Moon cardboard sixpack. The endpapers and section covers are a recycled Thai silk paper and the bond pages are made from 100% sugar cane waste, called baggase.

I love the sugar cane paper because I live where sugarcane is grown and harvested and the amount of remaining material is incredible. To be used in such an elegant way is marvelous. And the paper is great too!

Most of the books created by Surfbunny are either recycled materials or handmade natural fiber papers. --Surfbunny

Surbunny's shop is here:

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linda said...

Very cool idea to use the beer packaging...I might have to get my favorite and make a book from it!