Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Book Swap #12: UsefulBooks

If you've visited my shop, you know that recycling old items into books is my favorite thing, so I was especially excited about this swap! Not only do I appreciate the "green" aspect of this type of recycling, I love the character that using these old items lends to our new creations. For this journal, I cut an old 45 rpm record down into two petite 2-3/4 x 4 inch covers. I filled it with a wide variety of paper scraps left over from larger projects and pages from a vintage German children's book that a customer sent me to make a journal for her. For the closure, I drilled through the cover and attached an African trade bead to the front and a length of waxed Irish linen thread to the back. --Cindy

Visit Cindy's shop here: www.usefulbooks.etsy.com


Useful Books said...

Cindy doesn't usually speak of herself in third person, but she hopes Yatsu likes the record journal!

linda said...

Wow, beautiful! Love how you can take an item and transform it into something new and cool, not just re-use...it's upcycling!

KarleighJae said...

So fun! And it really has a lot of layers of design to it like all your work does. Love it! I'm sure Yatsu will love it too!