Sunday, 19 December 2010

Book Swap #13: Askida

I made a Coptic stitch book from a green bamboo stick straw mat with regular white and coloured papers inside. The covers are embellished with woven red tape and the leather closure straps are finished at the end with red bells creating a Christmas theme. The binding is sewn with green waxed thread. The book measures 10cm x 20cm. The envelope made with interlining fabric is to hold the book. This book is a little early Christmas gift for my swap partner Buechertiger. --Ozlem of Askida

You can see Askida's books made from balsa wood and upcycled materials here:


buechertiger said...

I am looking forward to holding it in my hands. Maybe it will be in time for Christmas. Until now I don't have it...
Thanks in advance, though! And the construction looks promising.

Lizzie said...

Ooh, I'm sure Buechertiger will love this - it's gorgeous!