Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Book Swap #13: CamilleRiner

Being in Canada, I thought that PrairiePeasant would enjoy a book celebrating the rejuvenating aspects of the winter season. This miniature origami petal fold book contains a short poem that I wrote when I was trying to focus on the "positive" aspects of winter during a long cold spell in South Dakota. We all need times of rest, and winter can be the season to make some time to gaze out the window at the trees, crunch through the snow on a nice walk or wrap up in a soft blanket to take a nap. The book cover is from a photograph of some aspen in my yard, and the clasp is a small twig from one of those trees. -- CamilleRiner
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buechertiger said...

It is beautiful!
- You are lucky, Laura :-)

Useful Books said...

This is so unique and beautiful!

Lizzie said...

Lovely, lovely... so clever and unique. I like the use of custom paper to print your poem, and the little twig to fasten the book. Just fabulous!

PrairiePeasant said...

I look forward to finding this delightful book in my mailbox soon! Looks fabulous, thanks Camille!