Monday, 20 December 2010

Book Swap #13: PurplebeanBindery

My swap book is a recycled bitty book, about 4x4". There is a page for every day of the year (plus), with recycled comic book pages dividing the months. The cover is some weird, bright red recycled rubber (possibly the material they make playground balls out of), all bound together with the buttonhole stitch. I started making books this size a few years ago. I wanted to keep a journal for a year, but didn't want to face a big, white, blank page every night - so I made a small book with just enough space to write a few sentences before I fell asleep. It worked. My favorite entry from that year: "May 1st Strange weather. Bought new underwear." I'm pretty excited this little guy is traveling to Istanbul to Ozlem, Askida on Etsy. --Anna of PurplebeanBindery
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linda said...

Wow, lovely book! The comic pages are a great design element and loved the exposed portion in the spine, too... great job!

TheVioletGypsy said...

I purchased an itty bitty book. It arrived the other day. I love it! Can't wait to start filling the pages in the new year.

Lizzie said...

What a cool little book! It's great how you have used recycled materials, yet it doesn't have any "recycled" look about it - it's perfect.
I love your journal entry about the weather/underwear - made me laugh!
I'm sure the recipent will adore this book (I would!)