Sunday, 19 December 2010

Book Swap #13: Surfbunny

Sun and Moon Journal is a blank book made entirely of handmade papers. The Sun and Moon covers are Mexican amate bark paper made by the Otomi Indians of Puebla. The interior pages are banana and mixed fibers handmade by us from our banana plantation. The book is coptic stitched with waxed linen thread. The pages of the book vary in color with the addition of cotton linters and other recycled fibers in some of the batches. The paper was made by harvesting banana stalks, chopping and cooking the fiber in a soda ash solution, rinsing and using calcium carbonate as a buffering agent. The sheets were pulled Western style and pressed in our hydraulic press, then air dried in an exchange dryer setup. --Surfbunny

Surfbunny's books and handmade paper are here:


buechertiger said...

This looks interesting! I love the natural tones.

Lizzie said...

This is a really wonderful little book. I love the cover design and the idea that it's all hand-made paper. Very different, very original - very lovely!