Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Craft Show Confidential follow-up: Book Display Units

Since last week's post about book display units, I heard from two B.E.S.T. members who recommended the wooden racks made by New Hampshire company Clear Solutions, Inc.. After checking out their website, I decided to show you what they offer.

Clear Solutions manufactures a number of plywood display units, ranging in price from $12.50 to $24.95 - definitely affordable. The units have a several great features:
  • They are easy to assemble.
  • You can take them apart when not in use and store them flat.
  • They are made from sustainable birch plywood, which is lightweight.
  • They are finished on both sides,
  • The materials have no added urea-formaldehyde and are CARB2 compliant. In plain English, this means better air quality.
  • You could easily paint them in a color that coordinates with your booth.
Units have either two or three shelves and come in different styles and widths. Some racks come with a lip in the front...

Image by Clear Solutions, Inc.

...and some without.

Image by Clear Solutions, Inc.

Ruth Bleakley uses the wooden racks and they really suit her work. They just disappear into the background and let her work be the focus:

Image by Ruth Bleakley

If you have smaller pieces and are looking for something a bit different, you can get a half-round display unit for $15.95:

Image by Clear Solutions, Inc.

Clear Solutions not only makes display racks, they also have book stands. Prices range from $1.95 to $6.95, depending on size.

My heartfelt thanks go to those who have been sending me links to suppliers and images that relate to this blog series - everyone benefits from the shared wisdom.

I'd like to do another blog post that focuses on book stands/units - I'm specifically looking for images of things that you've created yourself (MacGyverisms welcome). If you have images that you'd like to share, please send me an Email with your Etsy shop name, Flickr account name, and/or your blog URL.


Many thanks to Clear Solutions, Inc. for granting permission for the use of their product photos in this post.


Lizzie said...

Oh, wonderful! I wonder if these are available (at reasonable cost!) in UK as well? I may have to do some research...

Thanks to all involved in supplying the information and writing this post - very good!

Angela said...

Ooh, those are nice! Thank you Ruth for the lovely picture of the book stand in action!