Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Organize for the New Year

I'm back with my Tuesday posts! What a better way to start off this new year then to talk about organization in your business? In order to really reach our goals in our businesses, we need to be organized. I love this photo below and I wish I could see all of your faces when you see it!

Is your business like this? Half organized, half in knots?

So over the next several weeks, I'll be giving quick tips in my regular posts to help you get organized in your business! Today we'll start off with 2 tips to get organized which really are the two I personally dread the most.

Getting Organized Tip #1: Organize Your Email!

  • If you've been wanting to switch your email provider (yahoo, hotmail, gmail) then now is the time to set up your new email but don't forget to transfer things over from the old (after you've cleaned it up).
  • If you don't currently use folders but you like to keep emails with important information for later use, set up those folders!
  • Delete old unwanted emails (I'll have to admit, I hate deleting things, I'm an email hoarder with thousands of emails in my inbox so this will take some time!)
  • Set up your contacts list, you could even organize your contacts into groups like family, friends, business contacts etc...
  • Is it time to change your password? It's a good thing to change your email password occasionally. 

Getting Organized Tip #2: Check your Inventory and Shop Listings

I do this about every 4-5 months and I always find that something isn't priced correctly or I missed something in the description of a book. I also always find at least one book sitting on my "ready to ship" shelf, that isn't even listed!

  • Go through each listing in your shop and check description, price, shipping and photos. If something needs changed, change it.
  • Go through the books you have made. Are they all listed? If not, list them!
  • What books would you like to add to your inventory? Create a list of possible items to add to your shop.
  • Check Expired Listings for those that may need to be relisted.
  • Check Inactive Listings to make sure none were lost while editing.


Lizzie said...

Karleigh-Jae, thank you for this! I am trying to do some of what you suggest... I do want to change my e-mail address, but not sure how to go about it. I'm afraid of "losing" people if I move away from my AOL address. Hmmm...

And yes, I do have books on the shelf that need to be listed - I'm on it!

KarleighJae said...

Lizzie, you can forward your old emails to your new address! I'm not sure how to do it...I honestly don't know how it's done but I know that it CAN be done!

Maybe someone else knows and will give input :)

Blue Roof Designs said...

I am always struggling with my inbox! Something that has saved me tons of time with Email is creating filters. I have filters set up to immediately direct specific Emails into folders.

This makes it much easier to focus on the most important stuff - all of the shopping Emails get out of my inbox and get sent to their own folder.

KarleighJae said...

ooh! Filtering is new concept to me. I'll have to start that up too. Having things organized for me is always a plus! :)