Tuesday, 8 February 2011

2011 Winter Swap: Surfbunny

Medieval book structures and Medieval glass techniques. What could be better for a book swap? As professional glass artists, we are always looking for new and different concepts. This book combines glass covers with hand painted pages using a modified raised cords binding. The glass covers are two sheets of glue chip glass which has the kind of jack frost pattern. The angel is iridescent art glass, the halo is copper wire and the frame is solid brass.

Because of the weight and necessary framing structure in the cover glass, we created three cords with stainless steel jewelry wire affixed to stainless steel jump rings which were then soldered to the brass frame. This allows for a hinging action very similar to book board with considerably more strength. The signatures are 140 pound watercolor paper hand painted with acrylic paints. They are stitched to the cords with a rising kettle stitch at the head and tail. While this method of binding worked well, it isn't all that pretty as an exposed binding. So what the heck, you can never have enough bling, right? Thus some various ribbons and bows to do double duty as camouflage and embellishment.

We hope this angel will watch over the recipient, Duane @ Surfbunny

Visit Surfbunny's hutch here to see his handmade books and other creations.


Rhonda Miller said...

This book is awesome! It arrived here today. Thanks so much - I think you did a fabulous job with the difficult-book-making materials, very impressive :)

PrairiePeasant said...

Such an unusual but stunning book! The unexpected materials work wonderfully in this book.