Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Carnival Challenge 2011

All BEST members are invisted to participate in this year's Carnival Challenge.

This is how it works:
Make a book that reflects some aspect of the carnival season. Traditions vary locally, do whatever feels right for you: Whether your books is inspired by Mardi Gras celebration, has venetian China masks, or is designed for Brasilian Samba Dancers is up to you.

Have your book finished, photographed, and listed in your Etsy shop by Wednesday March 2nd. Tag your article with "BESTcarnival" so that it can easily be found by searching. Multiple entries are allowed as long as they are truly different entries. But they are not necessarily advantageous because this may split your votes.

The books will get presented on our blog on March 3rd with an image and a link to the the respective listing on Etsy. Readers can vote for their favorite book in an anonymous poll until Ash Wednesday, March 9th. We award the bookbinder who made the most popular book with our BEST Fool's Cap. The award includes: a special blog feature, unlimited bragging rights, and the right to display the fool's cap graphics on his/her own website.

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