Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Craft Show Confidential follow-up: Containers

Since last week's post, I received some great photos from BEST members of how they use containers for display at craft shows.

Angela of Bound Again Books (a.k.a. angelawehrle on Etsy) uses a drawer from a vintage bedside table to display her work:

Image by Angela Wehrle

Image by Angela Wehrle

The drawer really complements and sets the tone for her work. Angela used foam core to create signs to put behind books at the back of the drawer. This is a great idea because you don't have to deal with tape or tacks.

You can buy vintage drawers on Etsy or in a pinch, you could just pull a drawer out of a dresser you have at home.

Anna Leehey of Move the Needle uses these great baskets to display her work:

Image by Anna Leehey

She said that the baskets measure about 6” x 3.5”, which is about the size of a CD storage basket.

In the past week, I thought of some more ideas for storage containers:
  • Cash boxes
  • Machinist tool boxes
  • Jewelry chests
  • Sewing baskets
  • Sewing machine drawers
  • Slide cabinets
  • Steamer trunks
  • Toy boxes
Yes, I have spent way too much time on Ebay.

If you haven't already, let us know what you use!

Many thanks to everyone who shared their photos for use in this post!

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Lizzie said...

This is a collection of great ideas - thank you so much! AS for what I use... So far I have only gone to one small craft fair; I covered my table with a neutral-coloured cloth, draping it over a shoe-box at the back of my table, so I had another level for display. Otherwise I just laid the books out in an attractive way. These ideas and the previous posts will help me so much next time - I really appreciate all the work put in by other Team members to help the rest of us!