Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Craft Show Confidential: Closing the Sale Follow-up

Last week I talked about some of the things you could give away with a book purchase to help enhance the customer experience.

Simona of Antico Valore (a.k.a. anticovalore on Etsy) told me about her wonderful mini book magnets.
"I often, but not always, give a mini book magnet when someone purchases a journal or more than one piece in my shop!"

It’s a great marketing idea –if a customer has your book magnet on their refrigerator, they’ll see it every day. Brilliant!

In the last post, I mentioned using business cards as covers for mini books – that’s what I do. I have a stack of 8.5" x 11" sheets of business cards printed on only one side from a botched print job. I cut the cards into strips and fold them in half to make book covers.

Not only are the books cute, but they also have all of my contact information on them. If you print your own business cards at home, this would be an easy project to do.

I'd love to see more pictures of your giveaways! Send me an Email with photos and I'll include them in another follow-up post next week. Be sure to include your name and a link to your Etsy shop.

1 comment:

Lizzie said...

Those are both clever ideas. I love the mini books, but to make them into fridge magnets is just inspired!
The business-card book-cover idea is also very good. I do print my own cards - it wouldn't be hard to print onto plain card, instead of ready-perforated, then I could make my own mini-books too.
Thank you for these ideas; I really appreciate help like this, as I'm starting to "grow" my business and need to think about so many things!