Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Craft Show Confidential: Closing the Sale Follow-up #3

I continue to hear from B.E.S.T. members in response to my call for images of their giveaways. Thanks so much everyone and keep them coming!

Hilke Kurzke of B├╝chertiger Studio and Press (a.k.a. buechertiger on Etsy) gives away a number of small gifts when she makes a sale:
The red bookmarks are almost always included: They are hand cut hand stamped lino prints that I designed as a bookmark with some space for notes. I am not sure people notice what it is meant to be since it is just part of my usual packaging.
When I remember, I add one of the other gifts with everything I ship: There are tiger striped match books which I add to most of my packages at the moment. Usually I write on the first page a short note like: "For small notes. Tear here" (because there is a hidden easy tear spot).
With larger orders I add one of the more fancy bookmarks seen on the lower left, sometimes I add some Etsy buttons I still have, and with the smiley oracle I ship some smiley oracle ephemera: There are bookmarks, keyrings, and huge smiley paper confetti.
And of course I add a business card. I have several different ones, at the moment I am using a type that is handmade. All my cards are blank on the backside, and I write a small thank you note there.

I love the variety of gifts sent by Hilke - they all reflect both her brand and her personality. And on top of that, they showcase her creativity!

Keep the pictures coming (I really don't get tired of them, promise!) Send me an Email with photos and I'll include them in (hopefully) another follow-up post next week. Be sure to include your name and a link to your Etsy shop.

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zoranoske said...

Great to see your work Hilke!!!