Tuesday, 24 May 2011

2011 Spring Swap: BlueRoofDesigns

Every now and then, I find myself entranced by something that most would consider mundane. One of my latest obsessions is Netflix mailers – I love how they are able to be mailed twice. It was from there that the concept for my book evolved. I couldn’t shake the idea that “fits in an envelope” meant that the structure was literally enclosed in an envelope. Postage was added directly to the front cover of the book for mailing. 

The covers are made of two #10 string and button envelopes that were stuffed with mat board to add stiffness (bookboard was too thick). The spine is covered in black bookcloth. Each signature of black pages was encased in a thin strip of envelope security pattern paper. The crosshatch pattern on the paper was echoed in the binding – Keith Smith’s “Dos Esquis” binding from his book 1-2-& 3- Section Sewings. On the inside front cover, I mounted a small handmade envelope. Inside the envelope is a small paper book, bound with a pamphlet stitch using baker’s twine. The book was collaged with pieces of junk mail envelopes and Netflix mailers. I used alphabet stamps to add the mailing address. --Elissa of Blue Roof Designs
Find Elissa's handmade journals, photo albums and guest books in her shop here.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Spring 2011 Swap: LadyArtisan

Portable, personalized, refillable. This notepad has leather covers stitched together with linen thread, hand-dyed and carved with Hilke’s initial in a font I designed. The paper is scrap paper, leftover tea-stained drawing paper from another project, and is attached to the back cover with brads so it’s easy to refill. The stones are some leopard jasper beads I had in my stash, just waiting for a project like this. And, yes, it really did fit in an envelope although it was a larger envelope (and padded since it was being shipped overseas). --Eva Buchala, Lady Artisan.
You can see Eva's items for sale in her shop here.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

2011 Spring Swap: Buechertiger

Do you feel the stare of monster's eyes in dark damp hot nights? Do you hear them scurrying away on cool mornings, just after dawn on your way to work? Do you remember the glow of you personal's monster's eyes under your bed when you were still a child?
This accordion folded booklet by buechertiger is part of an open varying edition, hand stamped from hand cut erasers. It shows several differerent monster's eyes, inspiration taken from various graphic novel monsters and other graphics. Two of the 25 different pairs of monster's eyes are featured with a head. -- Hilke of Buchertiger
Buechertiger (aka Book Tiger!!) has these books and others in her shop here.

2011 Spring Swap: Katarsis

This is a coptic bound book, about 3" x 5". It's covered with origami paper. Origami paper also used for the insides. I also put Strathmore dry media paper on the inside for the pages. Despite its size, it still fit in an A7 envelope! -- Kat of Katartsis

Kat's a new member of our team. Welcome, Kat! You can see her work in her shop here.

Friday, 20 May 2011

2011 Spring Swap: UsefulBooks

In the process of playing around with paint and Kraft paper a couple of years ago, I developed a cover material that I use to make soft cover books. It's flexible, strong and wonderfully textured, resembling leather but cruelty free. I knew that Laura of Prairie Peasant, a fellow EcoEtsy member, would enjoy this little double pamphlet book made from a piece of this material and scraps of paper from larger projects. --Cindy of UsefulBooks

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Thursday, 19 May 2011

2011 Spring Swap: KarleighJae

This little pocket size miniature book is covered with Black Italian Leather. It has 50 Pages made with 80lb Creamy Mohawk Solutions paper. End papers are Black Lokta paper from Nepal and the end bands are silk. The dimensions are a mere: 1.75"w x 2.25"h x .75"thick. So fun and they make great gifts! This little book is available in my shop here with the leather color of your choice. Elissa of BlueRoofDesigns gets to choose her own color as this little book will go to her." ~Karleigh Jae

Visit Karleigh Jae's shop here to see all of her books and supplies.

Spring 2011 Swap: PrairiePeasant

I was inspired by the freshness of spring, with birds all around and spring buds opening up, for the star (or lotus) book that I made for Katie. On the covers I used my own handmade paper, which has daffodil petals in it. With Mother's Day approaching as I made this book, it seemed fitting to use illustrated pages from an old reader about a story of a clever mother bird protecting her children (from a snake) for the pages. All the pages have sweet images of the mama bird and her young ones. The ribbon I used to wrap around the book for closure reminded me of a birdsnest. --Laura of PrairiePeasant

Laura's ecofriendly journals, cards and envelopes are in her Etsy shop: PrairiePeasant