Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Craft Show Confidential: Where to next?

I've been struggling with developing new blog posts about craft shows from a book artist's perspective. I'm wondering if I've reached the end of the series.

I'm more than happy to talk about craft shows in general, like where to get lights, a tent/booth, shelves, etc. - these posts wouldn't really focus on anything bookish.

I'm also taking over the BEST member interviews, so eventually I'll be phasing out the craft show posts (handling both is too much for me). I want to make sure that I've tackled everything you'd like to see before I conclude the series.

I'd love feedback on what folks are interested in. Tell me what to do!


Hollis G. said...

Understandable dilemma! Love your work, your writing et al so of course want to hear more. What about...what's selling, new trends, etc. Just a thought

PrairiePeasant said...

These posts have been great! I would be interested in a few more basic things--what do you need at minimum for signage, business cards, cash box or other payments, mailing list, portfolio, etc. Do you link to Etsy if you don't have any other website? Is it a good idea to take custom orders from your booth or have people contact you later? What to do if you are alone and need a break? and on and on.....

Blue Roof Designs said...

Thanks for the feedback!

Now that I know that folks are interested in hearing more, I'm happy to talk about the general craft show details.

:) Elissa