Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Winter Swap: Camille Riner

 "Winter Walk"  --  It may be March and spring in some areas of the world but at my house it is the time for the biggest snows. I made this miniature artist book to embrace the snows of March. The digital images inside the book are based on one of my original linocuts about the peace of the woods at night called, "Forest Bedroom." While the wind may be cold, it can be quite magical to walk under the moon through the trees on a snowy night.

Inside the book is a poem I wrote inspired by South Dakota winters and the work of poet Robert Frost. An excerpt reads, “Breath curls from under hoods. Downy flakes melt on Cheeks. Tracks wander in the quiet whiteness.”  --Camille Riner

Camille's offers her handmade artist's books, relief prints and note cards for sale in her shop here

Winter Swap: UsefulBooks

My recipient this time lives in Canada, so I was happy to make her a Versatile Travel Journal featuring a lovely map of her country.  This modified accordion book is the most popular design in my shop.  People love the pockets and envelopes and the way it opens from either side or all the way out for display.  I hope she enjoys using it!  --Cindy of UsefulBooks
Cindy's eco-friendly and cruelty-free handmade books can be found in her shop here.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Winter Swap: RoundtheWorldin80Pgs

This is a 5x7 album covered with a soft flocked paper from India. The album has 24 pages and nicely fits 4x6 photos with a nice border. The album was bound using a coptic stitch with a gold linen thread adding a regal look to the album. --Beth from RoundtheWorldin80Pgs
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Monday, 26 March 2012

Winter Swap: MakingMyRent

I bound this miniature book necklace with smooth white leather. It closes with a brown leather lace tie, and inside are 120 tea-stained pages sewn with waxed linen thread. The endpages are white textured handmade paper, and the headbands are white silk. I hung the little book on a long piece of white-gold ribbon, which can be tied at any appropriate length. --Amber of MakingMyRent

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Winter Swap: LinenLaidFelt

This little book is a delicate accordion that incorporates two different printmaking techniques and features a collection of mixed papers. The covers are printed with a gridded pattern using a drypoint technique. I used a collagraph process to print the subtle lines inside the book, which are reminiscent of notebook paper used in school.  Folded signatures cut into geometric shapes (triangles, trapezoids, rectangles, and parallelograms) are sewn into each fold of the accordion.  These pages are made from an assortment of papers including notebook paper, graph paper, and pages from vintage geometry textbooks.  

I've titled this book "Isosceles Romance," and the inspiration behind it stems from a high school geometry class where I first met my husband at age 14.  The first time we talked, he asked me a question about isosceles trapezoids from our geometry homework.  Somehow that lead to our first date, and — nine years later — marriage.  We always give credit to geometry for the the start of our relationship.  --Katie of LinenLaidFelt

Katie's handmade wedding guest books, baby books and journals can be found in her shop, LinenLaidFelt.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Winter Swap: Textured Expression

This petite journal subtly buzzes with contrasts. Most apparently, the crisp apple red pops beside the understated brown paper shimmering with light gold floral designs. The first five signatures of the journal are "certified green" ivory-colored pages from Wausau Paper. The remaining signature is a funky collection of mostly recycled papers, although a new piece of maroon vellum is included. The majority of recycled pages come from SCRAP, an incredible nonprofit in Portland that is dedicated to the art of reuse. These sheets include a letterhead in Chinese, a page of Braille, and an empty data spreadsheet. A simple chain stitch in brown linen thread is exposed along the spine. The book is 5.75 inches wide and 6.75 inches tall.    -- Candyce from Textured Expressions

Handbound books and other items that Candyce has created can be seen in her Etsy shop, Textured Expressions

Winter Swap: Sprouts Press Designs

This book stems from a lifelong desire to marry painting, printmaking and bookbinding.  All the things I love!  It was created in a series (the printmaker in me, I cannot help it!) and this is the second to last one.  It pretty much sums me up, so I figure it’s perfect for the book swap!

This little gem is hand bound and has a hand painted cover in several shades of blue, a dash of red here and there and the odd shimmer of silver with hand printed lino cuts randomly placed. The cover is watercolour paper, doubled over for added durability. There is a beaded green linen thread tie to keep the book closed to protect the pages from unwanted creases.

The binding is a variation of longstitch in the same waxed green linen thread as the beaded tie, while pages are an eclectic mix of new and reclaimed papers. Everything from blank and found papers to maps are used as page materials.  Journal measures 5" x 5" and is approximately 1/2" thick, including covers. --Carolyn of Sprouts Press

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Monday, 19 March 2012

Winter Swap: The Orange Windmill

This journal was made from the hard covers of a discarded book from the series entitled A Series of Unfortunate Events. While the covers were in great condition, many of the pages had been abused, so this book was headed for the dump. I reclaimed the book covers for this journal.

There are 180 pages of brown recycled paper with 9 signatures. Bound with the coptic stitch, this journal lays completely flat when open, enabling the user to utilize all of the page. The pages were individually hand torn by me.

This journal measures approximately 7.5" x 5", making it a great size for on-the-go writing. -- Shirley of The Orange Windmill. 

 Shirley's handbound leather journals and notebooks can be found in her Etsy shop, The Orange Windmill