Monday, 26 March 2012

Winter Swap: LinenLaidFelt

This little book is a delicate accordion that incorporates two different printmaking techniques and features a collection of mixed papers. The covers are printed with a gridded pattern using a drypoint technique. I used a collagraph process to print the subtle lines inside the book, which are reminiscent of notebook paper used in school.  Folded signatures cut into geometric shapes (triangles, trapezoids, rectangles, and parallelograms) are sewn into each fold of the accordion.  These pages are made from an assortment of papers including notebook paper, graph paper, and pages from vintage geometry textbooks.  

I've titled this book "Isosceles Romance," and the inspiration behind it stems from a high school geometry class where I first met my husband at age 14.  The first time we talked, he asked me a question about isosceles trapezoids from our geometry homework.  Somehow that lead to our first date, and — nine years later — marriage.  We always give credit to geometry for the the start of our relationship.  --Katie of LinenLaidFelt

Katie's handmade wedding guest books, baby books and journals can be found in her shop, LinenLaidFelt.


Lizzie said...

That's a cute story and a great little book. I love how the signatures are all different geometric shapes (they could have just been all the same).
Great to use printmaking and binding to create such a special little item!

Katie said...

Thanks so much, Lizzie!

PrairiePeasant said...

The story and the book go so well together! Thanks for sharing the story inspiration for this lovely book Katie!