Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Winter Swap: Sprouts Press Designs

This book stems from a lifelong desire to marry painting, printmaking and bookbinding.  All the things I love!  It was created in a series (the printmaker in me, I cannot help it!) and this is the second to last one.  It pretty much sums me up, so I figure it’s perfect for the book swap!

This little gem is hand bound and has a hand painted cover in several shades of blue, a dash of red here and there and the odd shimmer of silver with hand printed lino cuts randomly placed. The cover is watercolour paper, doubled over for added durability. There is a beaded green linen thread tie to keep the book closed to protect the pages from unwanted creases.

The binding is a variation of longstitch in the same waxed green linen thread as the beaded tie, while pages are an eclectic mix of new and reclaimed papers. Everything from blank and found papers to maps are used as page materials.  Journal measures 5" x 5" and is approximately 1/2" thick, including covers. --Carolyn of Sprouts Press

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Katie said...

This book is absolutely beautiful! I love the color scheme, and the design of the cover is captivating. I love that you found a way to incorporate painting and printmaking into your book.

Carolyn ~ Sprouts Press said...

Katie - thanks so much!

Carolyn ~ Sprouts Press

PrairiePeasant said...

I love it when several different techniques are blended so skillfully together to make such a nice finished product!