Tutorials & Kits

This is a collection of Tutorials & Kits 
by BEST members or gathered by members.

Paste Paper, Part 1 covering the techniques how to achieve certain pattern
Paste Paper, Part 2 everything else (choosing paper and paste, setting up the workspace, …)
Paste Recipe
Indirect Tacketing
Tunnel Book, download the template here
Penholder as Closure
Simple Two Colored Coptic Headband – Included in, Six Ways to Make Coptic Headbands. The description in the book is more elaborate with more photos and additional tips and explanations.
Cutting Traditional Linoleum
Origami Box
A Simple Full Leather Binding, Part I focusing on a leather inset
A Simple Full Leather Binding, Part II focusing on making the covers
Asian Stab Binding
Slipcase tutorial for download  
Herringbone Stitch Tutorial
by Hilke, B├╝chertiger.etsy.com 

All About Glue
by Beth, UberArt.Etsy.com

Chain Stitch, Coptic Stitch Tutorials
Flag Book Tutorials
Japanese Stab Binding Tutorials
Longstitch Binding Tutorials
Box Making Tutorials
Etsy's How-to Series related to book arts
gathered by Rhonda, myhandboundbooks.etsy.com

How to Tea Stain Paper
by Eva, ladyartisan.etsy.com

How to Antique Paper
by Jen, Redpumpkinstudio.etsy.com

Concertina Mini Scrap Album Part I
Concertina Mini Scrap Album Part II
by Lizzie, LizzieMade.etsy.com

by Karleigh Jae,  BadgerandChirp.etsy.com

Paste Paper
by Cassie, TheCraftyKitten.Etsy.com

Double Layered Diamond X Binding
by Meredeth, Yatsu.Etsy.com

Converting an old book to a journal
by Ali, Jellygnite.Etsy.com

Hand Debossed Panels
by Susan, GreenChairPress.Etsy.com

Sewing spacers in an album
by Kristin, LifeStoriesBooks.Etsy.com

Mitered Corners
by eb, matchboxbook.Etsy.com

Book Cloth Tutorial
Getting Pages Square to the cover
Punching Stations
Weaver's Knot
Shaving Leather
Pen Slips
Attaching a Leather Strap
Quick String Pad binding
Coffe Bag Jotter (Part 1)
Coffe Bag Jotter (Part 2)
Matchbook Notebooks
Book Cloth
by Leslie, ComfortableShoes.Etsy.com

Paper grain
3-hole Pamphlet
Chopstick Notebook
Secret Fold Notebook
Making Paste
Paste Paper
Water Lily (Part 1)
Water Lily (Part 2)
by Rhonda, MyHandboundBooks.Etsy.com

Kits & Instruction Booklets
 available for various book structures from: